Two-Age Model

twoageoverview(click to enlarge)

One Comment to “Two-Age Model”

  1. This is a modified version of a graphic originally posted on a hyperpreterist website, which of course indicated that we are already in the eternal state. To the “full” or hyperpreterist, the judgment coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in AD 70 was “the” Parousia, and there will be no second (physical) Coming, which is a definite departure from Christian orthodoxy. There are variations within the heteropreterist camp as to how to explain away Acts 1:11 and to spiritualize 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, etc., etc. The sorrowful aspect of it is that many who cross that line and fall into unorthodox preterism have so much else correctly understood over and against the flawed hermeneutic of dispensational/premillennial futurism.

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