Heavenly Father, You Who inhabit eternity, the heavens declare Your glory, the earth, Your riches.  Out of Your own good pleasure You spoke the Word and created all things.  You have made me what I am and given me what I have.  In You I live, move, and have my being.  Your loving and purposeful providence has set the boundaries of my life, and You wisely administer all that concerns me.  I thank You for Your riches given to me in Christ, for the unclouded revelation of Him in Your Word, where I behold His person, character, grace, glory, humiliation, sufferings, death and resurrection.  Subdue in me the love of sin.  In light of Your purpose to conform me to the image of Your Son, impress upon me the need of my own renovation as well as granting me the mercy of forgiveness in Him.  Enable me to serve and enjoy You forever.  Cause me to see myself in Christ and then strengthen me to love my neighbor in His name.  Forgive me for straying from You and Your commandments, for violating Your commandments in thought, word, and action, for knowingly opposing Your authority in my life, and for the many times I abuse Your goodness visited upon me.  Impress deeply within me a sense of Your omnipresence, that You are everywhere about my path, my lying down, my rising up, and my eventual entrance in Your glorious presence.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.


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