Heavenly Father, I thank You that Your Word reveals the truth of my condition before You.  I desire that I would indeed sorrow for the sins of my heart that carry me away from you.  I know it is Your deep mercy to threaten punishment that my soul would be inclined to return, to pray, and to live.  You know how I look on my faults and become discouraged, or look upon my perceived good and become puffed up.  I confess that I fall short of Your glory every day — by spending hours unprofitably, by thinking the things I do are good when they are not done to Your end, and do not always spring from Your holy law.  My sin also is to fear what will never be.  I struggle in submitting to Your will and being quiet there.  Forgive me, Father, for my anxious soul.  Your word reveals that Yours is a steadfast purpose on my behalf.  This quiets me and makes me love You.  I thank You for Christ Who has reconciled me to You and has washed my sins in His blood.  Grant me forgiveness and peace before You this day and comfort from Your Holy Spirit as I stand with Your saints in Your house.  It is in Christ’s name I pray.  Amen.


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