State of the Heart

by Gordon Graham

In arrogance my heart was hard
From Lakeview through to Harvard yard;
And well beyond until that day
The Spirit showed to me His way –
The way of truth, eternal life,
Not puffed up pride and inner strife.

Indeed the mighty Wind had blown
And took away that heart of stone.
Not of myself was this a choice
To heed the calling Shepherd’s voice;
And now with my new heart I pray
God grant to others such a day.

Others as yet unredeemed,
Complete in self, or so it seemed.
For I was blind but now I see
That only He can set us free.
By grace through faith, a blessed gift
Twixt God and sinners seals the rift.

Some understand and glorify
Christ Whom others still deny;
That He’s the One, of peace the Prince
My testimony can’t convince.
From death the only one reprieve
Is in the gospel to believe.

Yet on our own can’t just decide
With Him forever to abide.
It will only happen when
By Spirit we are born again.
Harmoniously our words mesh
In common having hearts of flesh.

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