Heavenly Father, You alone know how my soul is tossed about by temptation and struggle against the flesh.  In my efforts to walk in Your ways, I constantly need a Savior to lay hold of me and draw me to Himself.  I acknowledge I am a sinner in constant need of Your grace.  Forgive me my lack of faith in the face of temptation and my neglect of Your Word and prayer, which I know would support my soul in trial.  Reveal Christ to me again this day as I come before You in the great congregation.  Let me see Him high and lifted up, and may my soul’s gaze upon Him result in the certain knowledge of my union with Him for all time and eternity.  I confess my sins against Your Holy Law and pray that Your gift of genuine repentance will mark the changes in my life which will reveal Your power and magnify Your glory.  In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.


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