Ten Fundamentals of Modern Statism ~ R.J. Rushdoony

(April, 1985)


1. The first duty of every state is to protect the state, not the people.

2. Other states are occasional enemies; the people are the continual enemies.

3. The purpose of taxation is confiscation, control, the redistribution of wealth, control, the support of the civil government, and control.

4. All steps to increase state power must be done in the name of The People, but the people are to be used and stripped of freedom in the process.

5. Freedom is dangerous; controls are good.

6. Freedom must be redefined; it is a right to be morally loose and irresponsible, but Christian morality is social slavery.

7. Children are the property of the state.

8. The two great sources of evil are the church and the family.

9. The only world is the world; there is no God, no heaven, nor hell.

10. Anything the state operates or does is good, in any and all spheres: education, war, peace, spending, and so on. What is “public” or statist is good; what is “private” is bad.

[ from Chalcedon ]

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