Heavenly Father, Your understanding is unsearchable and infinite.  Your arm cannot be stayed.  Your power and purpose extend through limitless space.  All creation depends upon Your care.  Holy are Your ways and works.  How can I stand before You with my numberless serious and often petty and persistent offenses?  I have walked toward the darkness, lingered in unbelief, and often chosen that which surely grieves Your Spirit.  I have turned away again and again from following after You.  I have pursued vanities and have listened to lies.  I have also taken for granted Your mercy.  I am guilty of careless prayer, flattering lips, and the fear of faces.  It is only of Your grace that I am not consumed.  Forgive me my many sins against You and Your design for me expressed in Your Holy law.  Oh Father, lead me to repentance and save me from despair.  Let me come to You renouncing, condemning, and loathing all that is within me which does not comport with Your holiness.  At the cross cause me to contemplate the evil of sin.  May I look upon Him Whom I pierced with my own sins as the Holy One slain for me.  In Your mercy, cause my soul to rest in You.  I rejoice in Your sending me a Redeemer in the Person and work of Your Son, the Friend of sinners.  In Christ’s name I pray.  Amen.


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